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The Team

Organisation and personnel

The organisation is clearly structured so that all employees have a clear and effective role in every part of the business.

Quality production and attention to detail are paramount throughout the business structure. The majority of the employees are full time, many undertaking regular ongoing training both in house and out. All are represented and closely involved in the business via their personnel forum where all aspects of safety training and environmental issues are discussed and implemented.


The company is accredited to the BOPP silver standard.

Jeff Lansen

Jan Lansen - Managing Director


After completing his training in his home land Holland and a career of over 30 years in Holland, Cyprus and England, he finally reached a lifelong goal of setting up his own nursery in 1990. Jan manages the business in a clear, fair and efficient manner giving direction to the company to achieve its vision.

Val Lansen

Jonathan Brown – Sales Manager


Jonathan joined us in the early 2014. He brings to the company a wealth of knowledge from across horticulture and is always keen for that extra sale ! Contact Jonathan for any enquiry across our range of products.

Val Lansen

Val Lansen - Company Secretary


Val helped Jan to set up the company from scratch and continues to look after the statutory duties for the company.

Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman - Production Manager


Paul joined the company in December 2009 and brings to the team a wealth of experience from over 25 years in horticulture. Paul oversees plant production as well as recruitment, training and production planning.

Lee Walmsley

Lee Walmsley - Nursery Manager (Main site)


Lee has been with the company 16 years and manages the packing side of the business. He has a wealth of experience in managing the whole of the packing operation and preparing large quantities of plants to high quality standards with short lead times.

Steve Howick

Steve Howick - Nursery Manager (Pinchbeck site)


Steve joined us in February 2010 to manage our temporary site at Pinchbeck and now manages all the production processes. Steve has had 20 years of experience in growing and much of it with similar crops as ours and experience in producing for supermarkets and DIY chain customers.

Becky Parkes

Becky Parkes - Administration and Accounts


Becky joined us in 2005 With over 2 million plants produced annually, Becky manages a pile of paperwork that the business produces!