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Producing Excellence

Nurturing Partnerships That Lead to Growing Success

Nurturing Partnerships That Lead to Growing Success

Growing quality plants for a competitive cost price is the very essence of what we do. With our wide assortment of popular garden plants that are the mainstay of any successful retail range, augmented with products supplied in flower to drive pure impulse sales throughout the season - never underestimate the Power of Flower in retail!


Delivering Confidence

With over 25 years experience in supplying the amenity sector we are confident our offer to the trade is both relevant and competitive. Our range is reviewed each season based on trend and sales history so our customers can be confident we have the right product available in the right quantity at the right price. Stock availability lists are updated every week on this website, and we are very open to conversation on contract growing specific products or for large scale projects

Delivering Confidence
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We Are Self Sufficient In Our Water Needs

All the glasshouse and outdoor production areas collect rainfall and pump it to our storage tanks and a 12,000 cu metre reservoir.